Eating plant-based is
more than nutrition.

Live Plant Based Strong

It’s a life-style.

We help people learn, create and live (deliciously) a plant-based lifestyle that is sustainable for each unique being. And that is built through education, support, experiences, and fun.


Hi! I’m Gwen.

I am certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, have successfully been living plant-based, and have helped many others do the same. I help you take the necessary steps to achieve individual and family goals of not just eating plant-based, but making a real lifestyle change – and define WHY you are doing it. Because of my physical, mental and deep emotional journey living plant-based, I have a toolbox full of practical, real-life, and simple solutions to reach your goals living plant-based strong.

I will stand by you during your personal journey in what many – maybe even you – have defined as difficult and impossible.

I have uncovered the strategies that make living plant-based strong, easy,

and even fun.


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My journey to becoming plant-based started unconsciously at a very young age growing up on a five acre farm with lots of farm animal pets, and living next to a working dairy farm.

Fast forward to 2017. At age 36, while in good physical shape and a daily runner, I would wake up each morning, stand up out of bed and fall to the floor from the extreme inflammation and pain in my hips and knees.

“You have to stop running – you are getting too old for that impact”, said everyone (or so it seemed) What? I was 36. That isn’t too old for anything! This is where my conscious plant-based journey began.


One evening, I was scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch when the documentary What The Health popped up. My whole world changed that night. In addition to other bits of info I absorbed, I processed the concept that animal protein causes inflammation. I couldn’t quite understand why or how, but I decided that night to stop eating meat and just see what happened to my body (and to take action on the emotional impact I was feeling from what I saw on that screen). I committed to testing the concept of “no meat = less inflammation” for four weeks.

I. Was. Shocked.


In just two and a half weeks, I had NO PAIN in my body. None.

I felt amazing. They were right. 100% right.

I never turned back and haven’t had meat since. I went fully plant-based six months after cutting meat, and I am now the fittest and strongest I have ever been, have so much energy and feel so healthy: physically, emotionally and mentally.

What I realized through my journey is that our lives revolve around food. It is what brings us together, fuels our body, defines tradition in a family, and even gives us comfort. And when you change the way you view, handle, purchase, and prepare food, there are challenges that come with it.

I have spent thousands of hours (which seems ridiculous saying) learning on my own, and through formal education how to change from the Standard American Diet, to a plant-based lifestyle. I have identified the points of resistance, and created practical systems and everyday hacks to make this change easier than you think or hear it is. I did the work for you – and I want to tell you all the things.

So, what is step one?

You have to really, truly want to

give this a go.

Here are some ways you can choose to work together:

One-on-One or
Group Coaching



One-on-One, and Group Coaching takes a deep dive into your personal journey and goals. We work hand in hand together to design a practical plan to live plant-based strong. All of your questions, challenges and successes are answered, solved and celebrated together.

The Live Plant-Based Strong 4-Week Jumpstart Course includes a one hour call/meeting each week following an outline to give you a solid understanding of the practical steps to begin seeing and feeling the changes of a plant-based lifestyle nearly instantly.

The Live Plant-Based Strong 12-Week Mastery course includes a one hour call/meeting each week to take a deeper dive into the areas of this journey that I have identified as being extra important to truly understand to continue to be successful in living plant-based strong.