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So glad you are here! 

First thing is first. Congratulations for choosing to learn more about  plant-based nutrition. Not everyone is even open to this concept, so do a little celebration with yourself right now, for being curious and brave to explore living plant-based strong.

Everyone learns, grows, and changes differently. And because of this, there are several ways to work together when you you are ready to embark on this exciting journey. If you want to learn more, just fill out the simple form below, and I will contact you personally to walk through the details of the coaching option you are interested in. Don’t worry, filling out the form doesn’t commit you to anything. 

Talk soon, friend.

One on one or Group coaching

One-on-One or Group Coaching

One-on-One coaching takes a deep dive into your personal journey and goals, and we work hand in hand together to design a practical plan to live plant-based strong. Calls and meetings are with you, and me, and all plans, support, action items are exclusively for you. All of your questions, challenges and successes are answered, solved and celebrated together.

Group Coaching gathers a small group of individuals at similar stages of their journey to work together with me. The concepts, tools and solutions will be designed around the group and coaching calls and meetings will be done in this small group.

4 Week Course

The Live Plant-Based Strong 4-Week Jumpstart Course includes a one hour call/meeting each week following an outline to give you a solid understanding of the practical steps to begin seeing and feeling the changes of a plant-based lifestyle nearly instantly.

4 week course
12 Week Course

12 Week Course

The Live Plant-Based Strong 12-Week Mastery course includes a one hour call/meeting each week covering the same material in the 4 Week Jumpstart but then takes a deeper dive into the areas of this journey that I have identified as being extra important to truly understand to continue to be successful in living plant-based strong.

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